Eyeglass Frames & Sunglasses

We have a carefully selected eyewear collection. You’ll find exclusive lines as well as popular brands. Take your time and select the frame that best says who you are. We will assist you in selecting a frame that suits your prescription. Proper fit is essential to assure that you see your best while you look your best in your new glasses or sunglasses.

Designer Eyewear Brands

Our optical collection includes eyeglass frames from these great eyewear designers

  • Serengeti
  • Calvin Klein
  • Marchon
  • Kate Spade
  • O&X
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Frederic Beausoleil
  • Xavier Garcia
  • Lafont
  • Maui Jim
  • Fysh
  • Kliik
  • Kio Yamato
  • Hugo Boss
  • Studio FB
  • William Morris
  • Silhouette
  • Adidas

Eyeglass Lens Options & Technology

Lens technology has come a long way from the original glass lens. Today, lenses are available in several materials, with each material having its benefits. Crown glass does not scratch, but the lenses are heavy. CR-39, the basic plastic lens, is light weight but it scratches easily and tends to have thicker edges. Polycarbonate is light in weight, impact resistant and thinner than CR-39, but it too can scratch and has a higher amount of chromatic aberration. High index plastic is even thinner and very light weight, but scratches easily and also has higher amounts of chromatic aberration. Trivex is slightly thicker than polycarbonate and weighs slightly more, but it has less chromatic aberration than polycarbonate. It has been said that Trivex lenses offer more crisp optics than polycarbonate. Choosing the right material is a combination of matching your prescription to your frame and your lifestyle. There is often no single right choice. This is why professional advice is more important the ever when it comes time to purchase new glasses.


Anti-reflective coatings, also known as AR coatings, improve both your vision and your appearance in glasses. Here too, there is wide variety of choices. The coatings by Essilor and Zeiss are excellent with many different options ranging from oil resistance to color.

Digital Lens

The newest generation of lenses is the digital designs. This refers to the manufacturing process where lasers guide diamond tools to cut the lenses. Traditional lenses are ground and polished. The result is better control of the peripheral optics leading to thinner edges and more precise optics.


Other lens treatments include the Transition lenses that turn from light to dark. Most recently, we saw the introduction of Transition Vantage that turns from a very tint into a polarized sunglass. For full sun protection, the polarized lenses are still an excellent choice.


Progressive lenses are now better than ever. Some digital progressive lenses such as the Advantage HD by US Optical places the complete design and Rx on the back surface of the lens, thereby putting it closer to the eye. This creates larger fields of vision than traditional progressive lenses. The results, when coupled with the right material and the right coating, can be shocking. They are that good.

Computer Vision

Computers have introduced a whole new set of challenges, and there are lens options here as well. Recently, a lot of research has identified high energy visible light as a problem for healthy vision. This is light in the blue end of the spectrum. LED displays, the displays of your monitor, television, and cell phone, all are emitting excessive amounts of blue light. Blue light has been linked to retinal damage in animals. It is also linked to disruptions in sleep patterns and behavior changes. While the data is still being collected, some patients have choose to be proactive and include technology in their glasses. This is especially true for those with history of macular problems and retinal problems. The Blutech lens along with the Provencia and Recharge coatings are two very different lens treatments to address this problem.

Measurement & Fit

None of this is possible without accurate measurements and sound, scientific advice. After you receive your new glasses, proper frame adjustment is essential. The tilt of the frames, known as pantoscopic tilt, can take an ordinary pair of glasses and make the extraordinary. Don’t be misled by fantastic claims. No website can offer you this level of service.

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